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Supplier Due Diligence

We provide supplier due diligence with factory visits to verify your supplier's credentials


Supplier due diligence - $297 including a visit to the supplier.

Unsure of your supplier's reliability? Concerned about your supplier's production capabilities and machinery? We will visit your supplier's factory to inspect their working methods and check their reliability. Physical factory visit to examine the factory's quality, capabilities, machinery, technology, and warehouse. Physical factory visit to inspect the factory's social standards (work environment, hygiene, safety, etc.).

  • Online verification of factories' certificates (CE, ISO, GRS, SGS, TC, etc.) at each certificates' corresponding Chinese database.
  • Physical factory visit to verify that the certificates provided to the client match the certificates they have at the factory or office.
  • Physical factory visit to determine if the factory is indeed a factory or a trading company.
  • Physical factory visit to ensure that the factory's general information (address, name, etc.) and bank information given to the client matches the information they have at the factory or office.
  • Physical factory visit to conduct a factory interview where we meet the employee in charge of your order, and if possible the factory's general manager and/or owner.