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NNN and OEM agreements

We offer OEM and NNN agreements to legally secure the terms of your purchase order (PO) as well as your property rights

The most common mistake, American and other companies commit are to sign out an NDA agreement instead of an NNN agreement. It is a Non-Disclosure, Non-Use, and Non-Circumvention agreement (NNN) that includes the normal protections of an NDA including non-disclosure and non-use provisions but in addition to those, also non-circumvention protection.

What is a NNN Agreement in China:

  • The NNN (Non-disclosure, non-competition, non-circumvention) agreement is analogous to the NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) used worldwide to protect clients' information and property rights.

  • Non-disclosure: under an NNN agreement, your supplier cannot disclose your company's nor products' information to any party unspecified in the agreement.

  • Non-competition/Non-use: under an NNN agreement, your supplier cannot use your products for any purpose unspecified in the agreement.

  • Non-circumvention: under an NNN agreement, your supplier cannot circumvent you and sell your products directly to your customers.

  • NNN agreement between you and your supplier to ensure the safekeeping of your products' specifications (material, designs, sketches, samples, prototypes, etc.).

  • NNN agreement between you and your supplier to safeguard confidential information regarding your company's customers, financial data, marketing, strategy, and other confidential information.

OEM Agreement in China:

  • OEM agreement between you and your supplier will ensure that production is done according to your requirements (unit price, quantity, lead time, material, etc.).

  • OEM agreement legally certifies the purchase order (PO).

  • OEM agreement will legally protect you in case your supplier does not adhere to your production terms.

  • It will protect your intellectual property (IP) rights and other confidential information.

  • The OEM agreement will ensure the appropriate payment method and certify your supplier's bank information and factory/company address.

When you choose to work with Guangzhou Agent, we vet every supplier and their goods to the fullest extent. Goods are inspected, tested, and verified by our dedicated team, using standards that are provided by the world’s leading independent quality organization. 

Here are the benefits of working with Guangzhou Agent and the agreements that we provide suppliers in order to make sure you are protected: 

  1. OEM agreement: This agreement ensures a healthy relationship between client and supplier.
  2. NNN agreement: The Non-Use, Non-Disclosure, Non-Circumvention agreement protects your intellectual property

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