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Private Label Drop Shipping

Before you settle down and go all in working with a drop shipping supplier, these are critical questions you should ask them. The answers to these questions can make or break your business.  

  • What's their order turnaround?
  • Which shipping service do they use?
  • What fees do they charge for dropshipping?

At Guangzhou Agent, our innovative private label drop shipping method is made possible by our ability to cover all of the bases involved in your products creation, including storing the inventory in our warehouses. This creates a best-of-both worlds scenario, where you have the benefit of dropshipping by having us fulfill and store your product, and the benefit of private labeling by having us brand the product for you. 

This process begins by sourcing your ideal product from suppliers who can send it to us in white label with no branding. Our team then takes your branding materials, which are also sourced by us, into our prep room where individual products are branded and packaged by our dedicated team. 

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