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Private Label Development And Manufacturing

Are you a manufacturer looking for ways to reach new markets?

Have you considered private labeling, which is when you manufacture a product that is sold under another company's label?

Guangzhou Agent gives you the ability to customize your packaging to include your own custom designs, logos, molds, and so much more – all guided by your input, needs, and specifications. Our private labeling process provides an effective way for your products to represent your brand exactly how you want them to.

Guangzhou Agent makes the highest effort to understand your brand’s niche, its story, target audience, and your budget requirements. Our entire process is conscious of this multitude of factors in order to achieve a product that is developed within budget and on time. On top of this, we also research the proper certifications, testing, and requirements necessary to develop the product, ensuring that any bottlenecks in the development phase are prevented.


  • Complete supply of branding materials, including inserts, catalogs, stickers, packaging, and more.
  • A ready-to-sell private label product with fully developed OEM conformation pictures.
  • A custom created product book, detailing all of the requirements for your products creation.
  • A fully branded confirmation sample and packaging

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