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As a Full Service agent in china , who handles every aspect of the supply chain , an agent fee based structure is our preferred method .

We understand  your need in having a better landed cost without affecting the overall quality of your production, and we will be your first line of defense when it comes protecting your bottom line and product quality.

Guangzhou Agent will accompany you at all stages of the journey - from Sourcing, to Development, Inspections and Payments, Shipping and Fulfillment , Keeping your best interest in mind during the entire duration of the project.

We offer the following services:

  1. Worldwide Shipping Solutions 
  2. Sustainable Fashion Development
  3. Supplier Sourcing & Due Diligence
  4. Private Label Drop Shipping
  5. Private Label Development And Manufacturing
  6. Intellectual Property & Legal Support
  7. Inspection And Quality Control
  8. Guided Factory & Fair Tours
  9. Amazon FBA Seller Services

The pricing of our services varies according to the volume of your order .

  • For projects that are under $1000 total order - We charge a fixed cost of $200
  • For projects that are in the range of $1000-$50,000 - We charge 10% of the total order amount.
  • For projects that are over $50,000 - We charge between 5-7% of total order amount, depending on the work involved and the amount of suppliers and SKU's.

Once you know your Inventory & Shipping Budget, you can add to it the price of our services and have an estimate of your upcoming project costs: 

With Guangzhou Agent You know that you are always a VIP customer.

Interested in scheduling a consultation call? Drop us a line here! 

You can also order specific services as explained in our products below: 

  • Trademark registration in china - as low as $280 (depending on the classification)
  • Design patent registration in china - as low as $380 (depending on the classification)
  • Quality control - pre-shipment inspection visit - $150
  • Pre shipment / Post production inspection - $150
  • Post production shipment arrangement and container loading - $480
  • E-Commerce listing pictures - high res listing photography - up to 30 high quality studio images $98
  • E-Commerce listing pictures - high res listing photography - lifestyle + up to 30 high quality images $198
  • NNN / OEM agreement - $98 
  • Supplier due diligence - $197