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Intellectual Property & Legal Support

Tired of running into legal issues when branding or packaging your product? 

Want a trusted on-ground partner to help with your IP?

When you choose to work with Guangzhou Agent, we vet every supplier and their goods to the fullest extent. Goods are inspected, tested, and verified by our dedicated team, using standards that are provided by the world’s leading independent quality organization. The best part? 

All of this is taken care of before we even recommend a supplier to you. The foundation of our business relationships is rooted in this integrity, and we assure that you’re working with the best suppliers every time. 

Here are the benefits of working with Guangzhou Agent and the agreements that we provide suppliers in order to make sure you are protected: 

  1. Quality agreement: This agreement specifies every production detail (no matter how small).
  2. OEM agreement: This agreement ensures a healthy relationship between client and supplier.
  3. NNN agreement: The Non-Use, Non-Disclosure, Non-Circumvention agreement protects your intellectual property

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