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Inspection And Quality Control

Quality control is mandatory for any business that produces a good, whether it is for wholesale or retail distribution. From pharmaceuticals to aerospace products to children's toys, quality products ensure a happy customer.

At Guangzhou Agent, quality control begins with quality sourcing. We test services along with our quality assurance inspection to confirm we are working with the right suppliers and best materials. We are your eyes and ears, and act on your behalf, until you receive your products, making it our duty to ensure that your interests are well represented.

We care about doing things right, the first time, and because of this we only work with suppliers who feel the same way. We guarantee a Full-Scale Quality Approach, Factory and Social Audits (FA & SA), Laboratory Testing (LT), Initial Production Check (IPC), Inline Production Monitoring (PM) and Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI). Our experience and worldwide presence in factories ensure that your product will be held to the highest quality standards.

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