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Get to know Guangzhou Agent

  • Need to launch a new product that can actually compete, but don't know where to start?

  • Are you looking to locate a manufacturer and develop your product in China?

  • Do you need a reliable Agent that can deliver your product at high-quality and on time?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you probably need a sourcing agent. In fact, there are many companies all over the world that rely on sourcing agents, because hiring them assist you with many of the different stages of product launching and fulfillment.


What separates good businesses from successful businesses is their ability to keep producing quality goods/services, attract new clients and gain a competitive edge over their competitors.  

We don’t just “SOURCE”, we create a genuine and beneficial relationship between you and the local factory which gives you a competitive edge. 


Complete, done-for-you solutions in China

We operate on YOUR behalf in China: Dealing, negotiating, inspecting and arranging your productions & shipment. We’ve done this thousands of times since 2009, so you can count on us to suggest what needs to be done to streamline the process and help you succeed.


Experienced Team Proven track record

We have been representing Various International Brands in China since 2009, taking on the burdens of the entire production cycle. We develop products and collections, manage complex supply chains and we're always available for you, on every step of the way.

High Quality Products at Affordable Prices

We are seasoned private label negotiators and know how to push prices the only way natives can.We have a deep understanding of the Chinese culture, language, and business practices. We get local pricing and pass these savings on to you, so you can remain competitive in your market.