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About Us


Since 2009, we’ve represented serious brand owners across China, boosting quality and reducing manufacturing costs by putting into place a highly attentive, custom framework designed to help brands of all sizes leverage the tremendous potential of the Chinese manufacturing industry - risk free. We take on the biggest burdens of product sourcing in China including;

  • Product Developments
  • Supplier assessment and due diligence
  • Complete Manufacturing solutions
  • Private label design
  • Amazon Prep Services
  • Inspections 
  • Order Negotiations
  • Legal Agreements and IP rights
  • Cost-efficient logistical processes.

When you have a Guangzhou agent on your side, you can be confident you’ll get the right deal and the right product on time and for the best price




We work with clients who are new to product sourcing, as well as those who have had a bad experience personally dealing with Alibaba and other Chinese vendors.
By eliminating the risk of these costly mistakes, we help businesses save money. We ensure there are no misunderstandings or quality issues, overcoming the language and cultural barriers that so often prevent good business from happening.

Our diverse team includes:

  • Experienced product developers
  • Regional business and legal specialists
  • Project managers
  • Manufacturing experts
  • Quality control specialists


Our bilingual team represents your business onsite in China.
From visiting the factories to inspecting loading ports, working with us ensures your peace of mind.
We GUARANTEE to get you the best quote. No matter how good of a deal you think you have found on Alibaba or the other generic platforms, we can do better. We have personally seen the typical markups Chinese factories use when dealing with Westerners. We negotiate local pricing and pass these discounts to you.
Working with Guangzhou Agent means you have direct access to quality suppliers, saving you time, money, and the stress that comes with negotiating deals overseas. We will find you the best products at the best prices and make sure those products really are the right fit for your company and its vision.


We offer private label product options tailor-made to suit your needs, and at an affordable price. Our Private Labeling goes above and beyond generic product descriptions and item codes. We allow you to customize your product by putting your touch on packaging, custom designs, logos, molds, and more. Each step of the private label process is guided by your individual needs and specifications.
We offer complete, done-for-you solutions for your business. We source only the highest quality materials and products for our customers, whether you are a new online seller or a huge national retailer .

Every supplier and their goods are inspected, tested, and verified by us using standards provided the world’s leading independent quality organization - and this all happens before we ever recommend a supplier to you.
Additionally, we use the highest level CHINESE legal agreements to insure quality, delivery, and confidentiality. This is done to protect you, our client. When you work with us, you can be confident that your IP, private label and manufacturing process is safe.
Quality agreement: This agreement specifies every production detail (no matter how small)
OEM agreement: The Original Equipment Manufacturer agreement ensures a healthy relationship between client and supplier.
NNN agreement: The Non-Use, Non-Disclosure, Non-Circumvention agreement protects our clients’ intellectual property.
Guangzhou Agent believes in every product and material that we source. We continuously inspect for quality and strive to provide the very best for our clients. As part of your team, we provide quality assurance inspections, as well as testing services. Think of us as your eyes and ears while your product gets made and shipped.
From the very beginning until you receive your products, we ensure that your interests are well-represented every step of the way. For us, quality control begins with quality sourcing, which means finding the right suppliers and the best materials from the start.



After receiving your product development request, we ask the right questions, listen, and do the necessary research to thoroughly understand your product. This includes understanding production-specific challenges so that we can develop a cost-effective strategy for achieving a great product with great quality.
We look to understand your brand’s market niche, your brand story, your target clients and your target price. We ask questions about your overall budget, timeline, shipping requirements and vision. We also research the types of certificates and tests necessary in order to prevent stumbling blocks during product development.
We build a detailed product book in Chinese for every product we develop before sending our request to prospective suppliers. This book includes a clear production layout, materials processes and the finishes needed to create the product. By doing this work, we remove all the guess work from the supplier, reducing the likelihood of production mishaps and mistakes. Because communication is so important for simplifying the manufacturer’s process, this method allows us to receive an honest, clear, and affordable production costs.
Incredibly thorough, this detailed product book contains everything the factories need to know how to craft the exact product our clients want - and are expecting. Included in this book is all of the agreements, including Quality, OEM, and NNN, as well as branding requirements.
Our team uses this product book to begin sourcing suitable suppliers, immediately eliminating suppliers that cannot (or will not) meet the requirements or adhere to the agreements. We’ll identify up to 5 qualified manufactures for you and will not reveal any of your proprietary information until we perform due diligence and have them sign the NNN agreement. Only after all of this is complete will we ask them to calculate your product.


Order placement, inspection and delivery arrangement.

After you’ve selected your supplier based on our recommendations, it’s really just a matter of getting started and checking off the right boxes as we go. To begin, we convert the product book into an execution-ready order file and invoice, complete with OEM , NNN and Quality agreements. We also deliver documents regarding quality, production, the design and development summary, quantity, assortments, packing, and branding requirements.
After placing the order and payment, we provide regular follow-ups with the factory to ensure that all development and production processes are carried out with quality in mind.
3 main inspections take place for every order:
Initial Production Check (IPC) before production starts
Inline Production Monitoring (PM) during production
Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) after production is complete and before product is shipped
In addition to these inspections, we:
  • Ensure that all development and production processes are carried out correctly
  • Provide a detailed inspection report (with a live factory feed when possible)
  • Deliver a full-scale quality approach that includes a Factory and Social Audit (FA & SA)
  • Offer 60-day free storage so that you can consolidate goods from different suppliers at your own pace
  • Have the ability to combine multiple product lines within a single delivery
  • Offer bookings for Logistic Management Shipment with Loading Oversight


Provide full export documents

We ensure that all development and production processes are carried out with quality in mind because we care about getting it right - and we only work with suppliers who feel the same way. Our experience and presence in factories worldwide ensures that your product will meet or exceed the highest quality standards.

At Guangzhou Agent, our industrial shipping experience and professional network enables us to connect our clients to the world’s most reliable carriers. These carriers also offer the best rates and track records. Our aim is to give you complete control over shipping costs and shipping times so that you can rest easy knowing that your products will be delivered on time and at the highest quality.

We can ship your products directly to your warehouse (anywhere in the world) or hold your products in our Chinese warehouse for future consolidation and more affordable, easier-to-manage shipping. Our 60-day consolidation program is free to use and is incredibly beneficial for smaller businesses as it reduces on-hand inventory while increasing inventory efficiency. 




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