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Professional photography

We provide professional photography services for building your online catalog

Costly photo shooting services in your country? Save money by choosing our professional photography services in China. Professional photography services to help build your online store. Stunning product photography and video for your online catalog. Including lifestyle, photography to help showcase the value of your products. Effortless studio photography services to help build your online store. Stunning images to capture shoppers’ attention.

Give your products a unique look and feel with professional editing services to enhance the appeal of your products, and a professional foreign photographer and models plus ensured high-resolution images.

Description of how our photographer works: The photographer comes into our office with her equipment (sometimes models) and sets up the studio. She charges by the hour. In an hour, she takes around 120 pictures. She then sends the client all of those pictures and the client has to choose 25. The photographer then edits those 25, makes them more appealing, etc., and then sends them back to the client. This also applies to lifestyle pictures. For the videos, it depends on the length of each one.