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The Complete Guide to Dropshipping on Shopify

  • 5 min read

The Complete Guide to Dropshipping on Shopify

The Complete Guide to Dropshipping on Shopify

Shopify is one of the best platforms to host your ecommerce store on. Learn everything about dropshipping on Shopify here.

How much would your life change if you could work from home and make more money than at your nine to five job? What could you do to improve your quality of life without that dead-end retail job?

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Thousands of people like you have started dropshipping on Shopify and changed their lives forever. Success isn't guaranteed, but you can make a quality living for yourself and your family with the right business model.

But how do you achieve the same dream that others enjoy right now?

Save this page, continue reading, and prepare to make notes. You're going to start changing your life with a Shopify dropshipping business today.

How Does Dropshipping Work?

Have you seen pictures or videos of massive Amazon warehouses on TV or YouTube recently? Retail giants have to dedicate their money, resources, and employees to inventory. How does the "little guy" compete when storage is an expensive investment for small businesses?

Dropshipping eliminates the need for you to carry physical inventory for your customers. After a customer buys a product from you, a third party ships that product directly to the customer. All you have to do is pay the wholesale price and keep the profits.

How to Get Started

The concept is simple, but the hard work is entirely up to you. Continue reading to learn how to get your online business dreams started today.

Research and Choose a Niche

In real estate, everything is "location, location, location". In dropshipping, everything is "research, research, research".

Getting off the ground with this type of business means choosing a niche you want to serve. Any individual will have a hard time competing with a wild marketplace if their products are too generalized.

Think about your passions and the products you need to follow them. Dive deep into the keywords on Google to find out what catches attention and keep up with shipping trends also. You will thank yourself later for taking your time with this step.

Research Your Competitors

Now that you have a set of products you're passionate about selling, it's time to plan how you're going to compete. A never-ending process of competitor research starts right here, and you want to get it right from the beginning.

Start a regular rhythm of doing the following tasks:

  • Subscribe to your competitor's email lists and social media accounts
  • Use directory sites if you have trouble locating competitors through the usual means
  • Follow social media topics about your niche and look for who's talking about which company
  • Research competitors on Google and pay attention to their ads and search result rankings

Keep records and create spreadsheets with critical information like product lists and pricing. When you identify a vulnerability, market it as a solution to your customer base right away.

Choose a Supplier

As a dropshipping entrepreneur, your supplier is the fulcrum point for your business. Everything that you do has to balance with the most critical aspect of what you offer to customers.

The beauty of using Shopify is that you have easy eCommerce options to connect suppliers to your store. Take time to research your niche and find one that aligns the best with your long-term goals.

Build Your Store

As a small business owner, you have an advantage over companies like Amazon, Target, or Walmart. You don't need a fancy analyst to tell you what the customers in your niche want because you're probably one of them.

Retail giants pay millions of dollars to marketing consultants that build their online brand and create campaigns that align with company goals. But because you have Shopify, you can develop a shop that rivals anyone else's online presence. Everything you might need, from logos to themes, is available to you with a few clicks.

Choose a Legal Structure for Your Business

If you're going to become a professional drop shipper, you must choose how to structure your business. Consider speaking to a lawyer about specific questions, but common choices include the following:

  • Limited liability company (LLC)
  • Sole proprietorship
  • C corporation

Starting an LLC gives you legal protection from liability, but it's not comprehensive. A sole proprietorship offers the least amount of coverage, but you have less paperwork, and the taxes are simpler. C corporations give you the most protection, but it's a pricy option for getting started.

Get Out There and Start Marketing

After you have your niche, a supplier, an online store, and the legal status to get started, you're ready to rock and roll. Start putting your store out there and draw customers to your online presence.

Anyone can get lost in the weeds on this subject, but keep things simple to get started. Spend your time and energy on what gets a small business like yours off the ground, like the following:

  • Content marketing with a blog or YouTube channel
  • Advertise to communities on Reddit or Facebook
  • Find and hire influencers that will draw people to your store
  • Pay for ads on Google, Facebook, or other social media sites

Don't be shy about getting your name out into the world. Market your niche and products with confidence, and customers will come knocking.

Advantages of Dropshipping on Shopify

The concept for dropshipping sounds like a good idea, but is there a catch? Every business has its risks, but thousands of people like you already benefit from the flexibility this business model gives their lives. The advantages of dropshipping on Shopify include, but certainly aren't limited to:

  • Enjoy low overhead costs as your business expands
  • Start a business with less capital required for other ventures
  • Work from anywhere and make more money than you did before
  • Get started faster and easier than with a franchise or brick-and-mortar store
  • Scale your business with ease because you have the Shopify platform in your corner

While these benefits fit most situations, you may find different results. You could create advantages for your life that take your happiness to new heights in the future.

Need More Advice?

Now that you've finished this complete guide to dropshipping on Shopify, what can you do if you have more questions?

Guangzhou Agent has the experience and expertise you need to source great suppliers and get your business off the ground. Get in touch with us today and tell us how we can help you. We're always excited to share product ideas and get you where you want to go.

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