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Shipping And Receiving Tech Trends

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Today’s consumers are looking for sustainable, eco-friendly shipping solutions to suit their modern lifestyle. And, while many manufacturers are giving that to them, they are also looking for ways to keeping up with latest trends in shipping technology to maintain competitiveness within their industry and to provide their customers with even more innovative packaging methods.

With that being said, we are going to take a look at some of the latest shipping and receiving tech trends that we are seeing from the industry:

Internet of Things- all packaging, shipping, and receiving equipment will eventually support the IoT (Internet of Things) technology. It means, users will have minimum involvement in the shipping and receiving process. With their mobile hubs, users can configure parameters for presets, including sustainable, eco-friendly packaging, scheduled shipping, delivery times and notifications. IoT-enabled packaging equipment is sufficiently automated and users only need to enter specific product and shipping data. With the proper configuration, it won’t be necessary to complete any phase of the packaging, shipping, or receiving procedures by hand.

Artificial Intelligence- in recent years, AI technology has become mature enough for practical deployments. It can be applied on many areas, including packaging and shipping,. Prior to the implementation of AI, automation was achieved through fixed programming of presets. Often, there were unexpected issues that couldn’t be resolved with fixed presets. With AI, your packaging, shipping, and receiving equipment will learn new things and become “smarter”. They will make intelligent decisions to achieve better results and solve problems effectively.

Wi-Fi Connection- modern packaging, shipping, and receiving equipment requires Wi-Fi connection to interact with mobile hubs or other devices. It’s the only way to interact with equipment remotely, whether you are in the office or on the production floor.

Active Anti-Germ Feature- during the aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic, people are becoming much more aware of their hygiene and cleanliness. They want to make sure that their packages are eradicated of any virus, bacteria or potential pathogens that might be present on the surface. Some manufacturing facilities have special sanitation equipment that uses hot steam to kill germs on packages and hard surfaces.

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