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Private Label Drop Shipping Is About To Become Your New Favorite Business Method

  • 3 min read

Private Label Drop Shipping Is About To Become Your New Favorite Business Method

We’ve heard a few things about drop shipping being problematic or too good to be true. Sure, maybe some of this is true if you’re working with suppliers and partners that aren’t up to par with what you’re business requires, but drop shipping as a whole is still a very lucrative and effective business method. Based on our innovative private label drop shipping method, we’re going to dispel some common misconceptions about drop shipping and provide education on how you can drop ship effectively. 

Let’s be honest, we’ve all heard both sides of the coin when it comes to dropshipping. Some people punch a few keys on their laptops each day and have a seamless drop shipping operation that brings them in huge amounts of revenue. Others have dropshipping nightmares and can’t even get ahold of their suppliers to fix problems that arise. The reality is that both of those scenarios are a bit extreme, and overall drop shipping can be incredibly useful and successful for most businesses.


Let’s begin by answering this question: what exactly is dropshipping?


Dropshipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers its customer's orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer. So in a nutshell, someone manufactures your product for you, keeps the product in their inventory, and also ships the product to your customer once you receive a sale. From this method arises a crucial aspect of dropshipping: the retailer never sees the product. The retailer simply acts as a middleman between the manufacturer and the customer and facilitates the transaction. This makes your job much easier, but since you never see your product and aren’t directly involved in the shipping process, can spark problems.


Common Problems With Traditional Drop Shipping

The biggest problems that dropshippers face typically have to do with the customer experience. Since the retailer is less involved in the process dropshipping can lead to poor customer service, inconsistent product quality, or misaligned resources. However, although these problems can arise, if they are eliminated completely then you are on the road to an extremely efficient and successful operation. That’s where Guangzhou Agent’s innovative private label drop shipping method comes into play.


Private Label Drop Shipping Is The Key To Successful Drop Shipping

Despite the common problems we just laid out with traditional drop shipping, we’ve created a way to virtually eliminate all of these problems. Our private label drop shipping method gives us the ability to source your ideal product from a manufacturer, brand it with your own branding materials, and ship it to your customers, all without you having to do any of the actual shipping, sourcing, storing, or product creation.


Traditionally, creating a private label product and drop shipping were two separate actions and would not be combined. We can combine these actions and create a seamless workflow that acts on your behalf through our ability to store your products, brand them with your label, package them, and check for quality assurance. This eliminates the previous problems of customer dissatisfaction, as we are able to act on your behalf throughout the shipment process.


How Does Private Label Drop Shipping Work?

The process begins by sourcing your ideal product from suppliers who can send it to us in white label with no branding. Our team then takes your branding materials, which are also sourced by us, into our prep room where individual products are branded and packaged by our dedicated team. This ensures that you are receiving unmatched attention to quality and detail, as our team members examine your product one by one during the packaging process, and can check for item damage and proper condition.


Our innovative private label drop shipping method is made possible by our ability to cover all of the bases involved in the creation of your product, including storing the inventory in our warehouse. This creates a best-of-both-worlds scenario, where you have the benefit of drop shipping by having us fulfill and store your product, and the benefit of private labeling by having us brand the product for you.


So What’s The Bottom Line?

Ultimately, dropshipping is still an incredibly effective business method that provides an easy way to bring products to your customers. We’ve improved the process of drop shipping immensely with our private label drop shipping method, and therefore created a new way of conducting business that is optimized for success. For retailers who are interested in drop shipping, and care about their business enough to not risk all of the potential downfalls associated with drop shipping, Guangzhou Agent private label drop shipping is the answer.


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