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How To Find Sourcing Agent In China

  • 4 min read

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Sourcing agents and companies play a central role in managing international supply chains.

A reliable sourcing agent contributes to your business success, especially when you are importing from China.

While some business owners in the US, UK, and Europe purchase goods from Chinese factories without visiting the country. Others outsource the manufacturing of their products to Chinese factories with ease.

In this article, will show you how to find the right sourcing agent in china, and tips you should pay attention to when looking for a trusted Chinese sourcing agent.

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Why Source from China?

As a wholesale distributor, retailer or a business owner, it is important to manage supply chain costs efficiently in order to maintain a reasonable margin and optimize profitability.

Sourcing for the right suppliers and products is a crucial element from your business plan to help you achieve your goal quickly.

So, where should your business look for suppliers and products?

Many businesses are turning to China, the world’s leading manufacturer and exporter of goods, to manufacture or source for products and this is for good reasons.

Lower costs

China is the world’s leading manufacturer and exporter of goods; with an increasingly competitive and transparent marketplace, it is becoming more and more important for businesses to manage costs in their supply chain as efficiently as possible.

And with a population of more than 1.4 billion, China has access to a huge and low-cost labor force for manufacturing.

Although wages in China have been rising, the labor force is still cheaper compared to developed countries.

Products that are labor-intensive, especially, enjoy cost advantages to manufacture in China.

Huge Supplier Base

The high competition between Chinese factories has a positive effect on your business.

They often over deliver, accommodate your product specifications request, or even offer you a quicker fulfilment time.

High quality

The level of manufacturing technology and skill in China is relatively high.

This combined with a strong work ethic in Chinese culture makes it possible to get world-class products manufactured. 

Moreover, the infrastructure within China is in consistent development making it a key focus of their economic development plans.

This results in improvements in roads, rail networks, ports and airports for better connectivity in the country.

Which benefit businesses from transporting materials and finished products more efficiently and at lower costs.

How To Find Sourcing Agent in China?

When searching for a China Sourcing agent, trust and confidentiality are the peak influencers.

The level of inconveniences caused by sourcing agents makes it hard for clients to get what they want in time.

So, how to find a trusted sourcing agent in China that you can rely on time after time? Let’s find more below.

There are many ways to find a sourcing agent in China.

However, it’s a complicated market for new importers. We made it easier for you by highlighting the top 5 tips to find a trusted sourcing agent in china.

Choose sourcing agents that specialize in a certain item

If you want to import many different types of daily consumer products, it is better to choose a sourcing company that has already sourced similar consumer goods for previous buyers. 

If you specialize for example in importing certain industrial products, then find a sourcing agent that focuses on this industry like building materials, medical products.

Because these sourcing agents should have accumulated a ton of experience and many good suppliers in this industry which can benefit you in the long run.

Know exactly what you will get

You have to inquire more about the sourcing agent to know how resourceful they can be. This would mean knowing their networks, partners and their portfolio.

A good sourcing agent should provide service including certification requirements and product specification confirmation; Research of price, ordering a sample and choosing suppliers who qualify; Affordable rates; Supplier selection; Quality Control; Shipping agreement, etc.

Opt for an industry cluster located sourcing agent

As you may know, each country has its own industrial clusters, which are groups of similar and related firms in a defined geographic area. 

Therefore, locating close to the industry cluster is convenient to contact with factories and reduce intermediate costs, like shipping costs, quality supervision fees and so on.

Choose a sourcing agent that understands the market

A good sourcing agent should have sufficient knowledge of the Chinese market, which means they can deliver top quality services.

Moreover, the agency must have knowledge about the quality standard, certification needs and other aspects acceptable in the Western economy.

Hence, it is better if the sourcing agency has offices both in your country and in China to facilitate the supply chain process.

Choose a highly skilled experienced sourcing agent

Sourcing experience is a vital factor that you should take into consideration. 

The sourcing agent should be experienced to ensure that you get the best services.

Experience guarantees the agent knows the technicalities experienced in the sourcing process.

Thus, the number of years spent in the business turns into proof of track record.

For example, an individual who works as an agent for 10 years can be much more resourceful and more reliable than a sourcing company that only established only several months. 

This means he has continuously provided his clients with a good quality business.

Other than being knowledgeable in choosing suppliers he should also be extremely skilled in the areas of quality control, logistics and audit.

Final Thoughts - How To Find Sourcing Agent in China?

Hiring a sourcing agent can help you a lot in your business, regardless of whether you are a new or a regular importer. is here to help. They are the top quality agent team with professional service and efficient work, along with numerous long-term partners, which can be your best bet when looking for a reliable sourcing agent in china.

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