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Companies Frequently Overlook The Substantial Savings Opportunities That Eco Packaging Sourcing Can Provide

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We interact with substantial Savings Opportunities and packaging materials on a daily basis and it’s a highly recognizable part of any product that we purchase. However, the production and disposal of packaging have direct effects on the environment. With current environmental pollution levels and the rise in global temperatures, eco packaging is among the many solutions to reduce pollutants and our carbon footprint.

New eco packaging trends are always emerging and we are going to take a look at some of them now. Let’s get started:

Plant-Based Packaging- plant-based materials are organic and highly biodegradable. Fibers from bamboo and banana skins can be processed to make durable packaging materials. IKEA has announced the use of MycoComposite for packaging. It’s a mushroom-based packaging that is compo-stable. Plant-based packaging is also very safe for food products.

Edible Packaging- there are multiple solutions of edible packaging being developed today. It’s possible to use plant proteins and carbohydrates to make food film. It has a good shelf life and it’s ideal for food products. Edible eco-bags can be made of starch from cassava or other roots. Any edible packaging is fully organic and 100% biodegradable in the environment.

Reusable Packaging- reusable packaging are tanks, bins, pallets, plastic containers, and bulk containers that can be used again with minimum or no reprocessing. By using reusing packaging, less materials are used and the overall carbon footprint can be reduced. For manufacturing facilities and end-users, reusable packaging is a money saver. Durable materials like treated wood, plastic, metal, and glass are ideal for reusable packaging.

Bioplastic- bioplastic is an eco-friendly alternative to hydrocarbon-based plastics. This biodegradable material is made of starch or vegetable fats. Thermoplastic starch is the most common type of bioplastic. Cellulose-based plastics are made of nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate, and their derivatives. Millions of tonnes of plastics are currently trapped in the ocean and bioplastic will naturally degrade when they are dumped into the environment.

Paper Packaging- it’s a basic form of eco packaging and we are seeing the return of paper packaging this year. The use of paper for eco-friendly material has been somewhat problematic, because of the huge carbon footprint of the paper-making industry and we need to cut down a lot of trees. Also, the paper-making industry requires huge quantities of chemical additives and water, putting even more strain on the environment. Even so, paper packaging is still a much better solution than plastics.

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Companies Frequently Overlook The Substantial Savings Opportunities That Eco Packaging Sourcing Can Provide

We can all agree that a product’s success is greatly influenced by the appeal of its commercial or consumer packaging. And even before your product gets in front of the customer at the store, the packaging is already integral to the transportation, storage, and handling of your product.

Despite its importance to both the product’s appeal and transportation, packaging is a category that often goes unmanaged. And, where any brand can make a difference just by simply choosing to move to Eco Packaging instead of the regular industry grade packing, one can easily find a more sustainable replacement for the protective packing. Simply switching to recycled packaging instead of the Kraft corrugated boxes, and completely replacing all bubble wrap, stretch film, flexible laminates, and blister packs with more simple and sustainable papers, we can increase our use of recycled and bio-degradable materials.

Strategic Sourcing Services

GuangzhouAgent Strategic Sourcing Services in China can help your organisation reduce costs, increase quality, and improve lead times for its substantial Savings Opportunities and Eco packaging requirements.

Strategic Sourcing Process

At GuangzhouAgent, we start our strategic sourcing process for packaging by understanding and adapting to your organizational structure and culture. Our strategic sourcing team then makes sure that we understand the specifics of your organization’s substantial Savings Opportunities packaging requirements across internal departments to ensure our efforts will produce the optimal mix of products and suppliers at the lowest possible price. These packaging specifics include labeling, typical order volume & run size, average lead times, packaging material specifications, and environmental specifications.

Best-Fit Suppliers

Once our strategic sourcing team understands your organization’s product packaging needs and practices. We comb the market to identify those quality, best-fit suppliers most capable of fulfilling the packaging needs set forth by your stakeholders. We compare these product packaging suppliers against one another to determine which ones meet your specific packaging requirements most effectively, then work with you to identify the best-fit supplier.

Once a best-fit packaging supplier, or suppliers, are identified, our strategic sourcing team leverages our proprietary market intelligence and deep understanding of pricing fluctuations of the raw materials used in the manufacture of packaging materials – such as pulp and paper, petrochemical resins, and crude oil – to lock in the best price points available, or tie pricing to the applicable index to ensure the best pricing model possible.

Supply Chain Optimization

In addition to our strategic sourcing team’s subject matter expertise concerning raw material cost, our experts also review your product packaging materials spending in a comprehensive way to develop a holistic overview, which we then utilize to optimize your entire product packaging supply chain, driving consolidation and leveraging total volume with suppliers. This supply chain optimization service ensures that you will receive not only immediate cost reductions while upgrading to eco packing, as well as long-term stability while streamlining your current supply chain operations.

12 Strategic Points To Consider When Sourcing, For substantial Savings Opportunities And Eco Friendly Packing And Branding Materials In China:

  • Understand the difference between the available materials.
  • Ask to see test reports and certifications.
  • Compare the test report details to the factory’s legal entity.
  • Ask for samples substantial Savings Opportunities
  • Compare samples to other brands or suppliers.
  • Build an OEM agreement with the suppliers with eco-friendly specifications.
  • Establish a proper order price point and lead time.
  • Consolidate your packaging suppliers when possible.
  • Establish an index-based price point to be used as a benchmark for further orders.
  • Determine optimal sizes for packaging production to reduce transportation costs.
  • Implement waste reduction strategies.
  • Negotiate with suppliers with a full understanding of market rates, material, and certifications.

GuangzhouAgent Strategic Sourcing Services

GuangzhouAgent strategic sourcing services give you access to experienced procurement and sourcing resources that help you evaluate and optimize your current packaging supply chain. Our packaging sourcing team works with you to identify consolidation opportunities, leverage overall volume, and establish contracts or pricing agreements to lock in competitive pricing and realize long-term savings without compromising product quality or supplier service levels. Contact one of our strategic sourcing experts today to get started on reducing your product packaging costs!