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  • We Are An 

    Extension of  Your Office In China

    Let us develop your product, source a great supplier, negotiate prices and Manage Your Supply Chain the right way, all while maintaining an excellent standard of quality!
  • Your Team In China

    Think of us as an extenion to your team,in China. We are excellent negotiators and product development specialist, and are here to assist you every step of the way. 
  • Streamlined China Integration

    Seamlessly integrate local expertise in China for business success with our insights and operational support. Consider us your strategic partner for a thriving expansion.


Physical Due Diligence

Take a deeper dive into supplier evaluation with our in-depth review. This service includes a site visit for a thorough assessment of machinery and working environments, ensuring transparency and reliability.

$ 199

Online Check & Report

Ensure supplier legitimacy with our basic verification service. A crucial step before making any financial commitments, providing peace of mind for your online transactions.

$ 99

Standard Due Diligence

It combines social standard due diligence with a physical visit for a holistic approach. Focus on workforce conditions, supplier ethics, and sourcing standards to make informed decisions that align with your business values.

$ 299


Advanced Sourcing

Elevate your sourcing strategy with our Advanced Sourcing service. Benefit from in-depth negotiations covering prices, terms, quality assurance, and the formulation of contracts. We ensure your sourcing journey is characterized by efficiency and favorable terms.

$ 199

Basic Sourcing

Lay the foundation for successful sourcing with our Basic Sourcing service. We identify supplier hubs and provide you with an initial price list, allowing you to make informed decisions from the start.

$ 99

Complete Sourcing

This all-inclusive service goes beyond identification and negotiation, extending to order placement, production monitoring, delivery arrangement, and meticulous documentation handling. Let us handle the details while you focus on your business.

$ 299

We Make Manufacturing In China

Simple, By Doing The Work You Shouldn't Do !


Done-For-You solutions in China

We cover every aspect of your supply chain from supplier due diligence, to contract and order negotiation, through to shipping arrangement.

Experienced Team Proven track record

Our team has 12+ years experience in product development and negotiation in China. We know the process back to front, and work hard with our clients to make their brand a success.


Better Terms and Prices From Factories

We negotiate better terms and agreements with your suppliers, building strong relationships so that you get the best deals for the manufacturing of your products.

How We Work

Product Development

Transition your product from idea to reality with a specialist Guangzhou Agent, who will write a detailed product book to provide prospective suppliers with all the information they need.

Due Diligence

As experienced wholesale agents in China, we know how important it is to have great relationships with suppliers, which is why we match our clients with only the most reliable and reputable of factories.


We understand that it can be difficult to negotiate the right contract with your suppliers, especially if there is a language barrier. We have a team of bilingual Guangzhou agents ready to assist, taking all the hassle out of agreeing terms and pricing so that you.


We’ll be on hand to assist with the manufacturing of your product from start to finish, ensuring that your product turns out even better than expected.


At Guangzhou Agent, we regularly inspect the suppliers that we work with to make sure the quality is up to scratch.


Ensuring top-notch product quality, we seamlessly partner with Amazon, streamlining shipping processes to guarantee efficiency and a smooth experience throughout the entire operation.


We’ll ship your products directly to your warehouse anywhere in the world, or we’ll hold your products in our Chinese warehouse for future consolidation and shipping.

Let’s Talk

We’d love to hear about your product idea. Get in touch to find out how we can make your product idea a reality, without the hassle!
I’m just starting my online retail brand and don’t know where to start with product importation from China. can you help ? Do you ship wordwide ?
At Guangzhou Agent we work with individuals and businesses who are new to product importation from China, as well as those who have more experience with the industry. We can guide you through the process from the development of your product through to shipping products from China to your warehouse. We’ll handle all hard work of the due diligence, negotiation, manufacturing and quality inspections so you don’t have to lift a finger.
I have had bad experiences in the past when working with Chinese vendors. how can I be sure that I’m getting a good deal from suppliers ?
Our clients have often had unfortunate experiences with Chinese vendors in the past, and so we understand that we need to work hard to restore your faith in Chinese manufacturing and product importation from China. Our customer service and communication with clients is unmatched, and we’re committed to ensuring that your product is delivered to the standard you expect, at the prices you expect.
I’m worried about the language barrier between myself and suppliers. how will I know I’m importing the product I expect ?
Our team of multilingual agents is committed to representing your business in China by overcoming the language and cultural differences. We negotiate with local vendors and pass the discounts we receive on to you. We have a history of great communication with our clients, ensuring that there are no misunderstandings or issues with the quality of your products imported from China.
I’ve found a great deal on Alibaba. can you get a better deal for me ?
At Guangzhou Agent, we guarantee to get you the best quote. In our experience, Chinese vendors often apply a significant markup when selling to European and American businesses. Since we negotiate with Chinese vendors directly, we can often achieve much better deals for our clients. We always pass discounts on to you, ensuring that your business maximises its profit margins.
I’m worried about the risks associated with product importation from China. what can you do to mitigate risk and ensure my products arrive on time ?
We take on the tasks of negotiating, manufacturing and shipping your products from China, meaning that the risks of late orders and extra charges falls to us. Our industrial shipping experience enables us to connect our clients to the world’s most reliable and best value carriers. Our aim is to give you complete control over the costs of shipping products from China and shipping times so that you can rest easy knowing that your products will be delivered on time and at the highest quality.