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We Are An Extension of Your Office In China

Let us Develop, Negotiate, Manufacture, Inspect, Prep, Ship & Protect your Brand.

As Your Team In China

We work exclusively on your orders significantly reducing your product's time to market and landed cost with fever headache

We Make Manufacturing In China Simple, By Doing The Work You Shouldn't Do !

Done-for-you solutions in China

We cover every aspect of your supply chain From supplier due diligence , negations and legal contract agreements To product development and manufacturing supervision.

Experienced Team Proven track record

With over 12 years experience, we know how to save you time and money and absorb all to noise. and help you Create value through superior products and collections.

Better Terms and Prices From Factories

We negotiate better terms and Agreements with your suppliers .building the relationship in the only way we know how - YOURS.

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Do you need a reliable Partner that can deliver your product as you need it without all the noise ?

We Know the ins and outs of these platforms